Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars official game play trailer - Video

Angry Birds Star Wars is launching the day after tomorrow, this November 8th, and as such Rovio has started to tease us with more videos. First up is the gameplay trailer, which shows us how all the birds look like characters from the Star Wars movie franchise, complete with abilities based on their characters, heh. The Red bird has a lightsaber which that deflect laser shots from Stormpiggies and take down entire structures, while the Yellow Bird looks like Han Solo and has the ability to make strafing runs over the course of his trajectory. 

Then there’s the black bird Obi-wan Kenobi which can force push a structure before hitting it. There’s also the Pink Bird Princess Leia who has a similar laser shot to the Han Solo bird, and the R2-D2 bird which can electrocute everything in a certain radius. There’s also Chewie which seems like he can just roll over anything, heh. Check it out below:

Angry Birds Star Wars will be out on November 8, but until then, watch this gameplay trailer and scream “OH MY GOODNESS!!!!” to yourself in the mirror. Repeatedly. Make sure to check out our http://angrybirds.com/starwars tumblr page for all of our Angry Birds Star Wars comics, video content and fan art from you guys!
Tune into our live hangout event and go behind the scenes with Rovio and Lucasfilm as we launch the game: http://rov.io/abswlive
Angry Birds Star Wars is coming to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC & Windows 8. See you on November 8!
There’s also a couple character videos which we missed out on posting:
Angry Birds Star Wars: Obi Wan & Darth Vader:
Angry Birds Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewie

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